Using Kindle outside US

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Now, you have the Kindle by following the guide of buying Kindle 2 from outside US. There are couple of things you need to know on using Kindle in your homestead.

  1. Don’t charge your Kindle with your home power supply – unless at home you have the same voltage and US two-pronge plug. Instead, use the USB cable and charge it with your computer.
  2. Amazon use Whispernet to send the book to your Kindle, and it consumes lots of battery power of your Kindle as it needs to search / connect to Whispernet constantly. But since there is no Whispernet outside US, you shall switch off the Whispernet (from the Kindle menu) as soon as you get your hands on it.
  3. With your Kindle account, you need to set up a Kindle email address such as [email protected]. You can send files to that account and will convert the files for Kindle reading.
  4. On the other hand, Amazon will send the converted file to your Kindle directly via Whispernet. Since you don’t have Whispernet in your country. What you need to do is to send the files to a different address – [email protected]. Amazon will then convert the file and send you an email with a link to the converted file. You can then save the converted file and transfer to your Kindle.
  5. Kindle is beautiful, but make sure you buy a cover to protect it.
  6. Register to, it provides lots of support to mobile readers like us … outside

Update : Since the screen saver picture also consumes power, therefore switch off your Kindle, instead of turning it to sleep mode before you go to bed. That will make your Kindle battery last for two, three weeks; instead of just a few days.

Update 2 : Kindle 3 is now available, great product !!

Update 3 : As you may aware, you can register your Kindle thru the “Manage your Kindle” in Amazon website, but not registering it using Whispernet … but here is a trick – create your own reginfo file and copy to your Kindle (for expert only … I warn you first).

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95 thoughts on “Using Kindle outside US

  1. Synaesthesia

    I have an IPad with Amazon Kindle Application installed. Wondering can I buy ebooks from Amazon US since I’m not living within their ‘International’ zones? As most of the books I like to purchase are from US site only. Thanks for your advices.

  2. Michael Post author

    Hi Synaesthesia,

    The same principle applies as iPad is only the channel / window of the ebook. I have no problem to read the ebooks, purchased with this method, in my iPad …

    Hope it helps.

  3. Khalid

    Hello. I faced a problem which amazon’s customer service failed to solve. I have Kindle DX 1st edition. I live outside of USA, thus don’t need wireless service on it. One of these days i tried to upgrade DX software and followed all instructions from Amazon for that. But i fail to end upgrade because it asks em to register and i can not do that because of no wispernet coverage…How can i register my Kindle DX and end upgrade.

    Thank you,


  4. Michael Post author

    Hi Khalid,

    Well, do you have an Amazon account ? If yes, you can register the Kindle to your Amazon account. For upgrade the software, you need to do it manually however, because you cannot use the Whispernet … please refer to this post about how to do it manually, in essence, you need to upgrade version by version …

    Hope this helps.

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